Auburn, Maine Water & Sewerage Districts

The Auburn Water & Sewerage Districts are municipal public utilities providing potable drinking water, fire protection and sanitary wastewater collection services to Auburn, Maine.

The Auburn Water District experienced four water main breaks over the last five days. The breaks occurred on Spring Street, Center Street, Turner Street, and Minot Avenue. Given the nature of the break on Center street, the affected customers were issued a boil water notice. The water was tested and the order was subsequently lifted. The water distribution system is closely monitored by District personnel, as well as 24/7 monitoring by a SCADA system that reports and trends parameters such as system flow, pressures, reservoir levels, etc. The system is also computer modeled so we can hydraulically model flow throughout the system to identify potential problem areas. At this time the District, as well as our consultants are working diligently to identify the root cause of these breaks and implement corrective action. Throughout this process, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver clean water to our customers that meets all drinking water standards. We would like to thank our customers for your patience and understanding.

The Sewer District has hired Weston & Sampson to conduct smoke testing, click here for details.

Download details on the Lake Auburn Alum Treatment.

The Auburn Water District will be appointing one volunteer to the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission.  Applications are available at 268 Court Street or can be downloaded.

The Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission, LAWPC, is an independent Board, formed by mutual agreement of the Auburn Water District and the City of Lewiston Water Division, to oversee, monitor, and protect Lake Auburn, which provides public drinking water for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn.