Auburn, Maine Water & Sewerage Districts

The Auburn Water & Sewerage Districts are municipal public utilities providing potable drinking water, fire protection and sanitary wastewater collection services to Auburn, Maine.

The Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission, LAWPC, is an independent Board, formed by mutual agreement of the Auburn Water District and the City of Lewiston Water Division, to oversee, monitor, and protect Lake Auburn, which provides public drinking water for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn.

Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission is soliciting Consultant Services

The Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission is soliciting Consultant Services to assist in the identification of sources of phosphorus input to Lake Auburn that may be originating in the Townsend Brook Watershed. Based upon years of water sampling near the Townsend Brook/Lake Auburn confluence, evidence suggests that the phosphorus level originating in the watershed exceed normal background levels.

Scope of services will involve field investigation of the watershed to identify potential sources of phosphorus input. Work may include contact with abutters to gain knowledge of site specific conditions. The final product to the Commission will be a report that outlines findings, and suggestions for follow-up.

Consultant must have extensive experience in Field Investigation of a similar nature, Environmental Sciences, and Water Chemistry.

To be considered for this project, please contact Mary Jane Dillingham, Lewiston/Auburn Water Quality Director at 333-6665, or email at  by Friday June 30.

Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission Board Appointment
The Auburn Water District appoints three trustees to the nine-person Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission (LAWPC). We have a Commissioner’s term expiring in July, and are accepting applications. If you are an Auburn resident and would like to be considered for appointment and volunteer for the LAWPC, please fill out the attached form and submit by July 7, 2017. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and service to our community. Typical appointments are for 3 year terms. Meetings are usually held every other month.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Auburn Water District Superintendent Sid Hazelton at either or Tel # 784-6469. Please complete the form below to allow the Auburn Water District Trustees to consider your background and qualifications for service. Forms should be submitted to the Auburn Water District office. Thank you!